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Reach for the Trees: The Mental and Physical Health Benefits of High Ropes

Staying fit and healthy does not have to be boring. Forget jogging in the park or swimming at your local pool, it is time to try something different to get you out of the house and getting some exercise. High rope courses may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about ways to get some exercise, but it could be just the activity you are looking for. Your body will get a full workout, and your mind will thank you for it too. Read on to find out exactly what a high rope course can offer you.

What it Will Do for Your Body

High rope courses are a fun and exciting way to get outdoors and get some exercise, something that many or use lack enough time for in our modern lives. Finding an energetic activity that you actually like to do means that you will not see it as a chore that you have to do, but instead something you genuinely want to do. Your body will benefit from an all-round workout while navigating a high ropes course, and here is what to expect.

Fitness and Strength

Let’s begin with cardiovascular fitness. You will raise your heart rate significantly while overcoming the obstacles on a high rope course, and the element of risk will raise make your heart make even faster. Next, let’s consider the use of muscles. Your upper body strength will improve with regular sessions on a high rope course, and this is where most of the work takes place. Your hands, arms, and shoulders will all be aching after your first time, but your muscle strength will improve dramatically over the space of just a couple of months if you take on a high ropes course twice a week.

Balance and Flexibility

So cardiovascular fitness and upper body strength are two of the big benefits, but you will also use many of your body’s often overlooked muscles while completing a high ropes course. Being high up in the air, you will need to stay focused, balanced, and concentrate on completing the obstacle at hand. Your balancing muscles are located in your back, abdominals, and along your spine, and many recreational activities overlook these muscle groups. Strong core muscles will help you to stay flexible, injury-free, and well-balanced.

The Benefits for Your Mind

So you have heard how mastering a high ropes course will do wonders for your body, but what will it do for your mind? You might be surprised at all the mental health benefits that high ropes can offer, so let’s explore them. First of all, showing somebody something they have never attempted before and are perhaps fearful of at the beginning of a day, who then overcomes the obstacle by the end of the day, can provide a fantastic boost to self-esteem. This heighted sense of self-confidence stays with a person long after they leave the high ropes course, so will also help them in work and social situations.
Being taken out of your comfort zone also helps you to deal with difficult situations which present themselves in everyday life.

Be a Team Player

Besides individual satisfaction, negotiating a high ropes course with a group or your team can have some great mental health benefits too. Leadership skills can be realised in someone who never thought they had them, and the whole team can learn to trust one another more when they help one another to conquer their fears.

Recover from Trauma

The great thing about the high ropes is that anyone can do it, young and old, and it provides a fun way to get fit. A healthy body and mind is something that everybody has the right to deserve, and it is possible to achieve this even after serious trauma. Being surrounded by nature, exercising both your body and mind, and having fun while doing it is something that people who have been affected by drugs or alcohol abuse desperately need. Detoxing your body not only require abstinence from whichever substance has a hold on you, but also finding something that can take your mind off the urges it creates, in an environment without any triggers or temptations.
Regular forms of exercise like running or swimming can obviously help, but the difference with completing a high ropes course is that it will instill a sense of achievement and satisfaction in an individual, which can make a huge difference for someone trying to overcome a serious trauma affecting their life.

High Ropes for Health

The wide ranging physical and mental health benefits of completing high rope courses make them a perfect activity for anyone who wants to get into, and stay in, shape. A fun activity that is as good for your body as it is for your mind, if you are looking for a way to improve your fitness and boost your confidence, then reach for the trees and try a high ropes course.