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Fancy yourself as the next Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, Princess Merida from Brave, or Arrow?

Test your nerve and steady hand on our Archery range.

Our one hour archery is suitable from age 6 and up. We have a selection of archery bows to suit all sizes.

Young children may need the help of an adult to draw back the bow

Any person who fails to immediatly obey the instructions of the range master wil be removed from the activity.

There are two types of session available:

Archery for two: £16.00. Be taken through a safety briefing by your Instructor and then enjoy 4 rounds of 3 arrows each (Lasts approximately 20-30 minutes).

Archery session: £80. One hour session for up to 9 people - includes at least 3 rounds of 3 arrows each. Up to 3 additional people can be added for £9.00 each (Maximum group size - 12).

If there is no book now button shown on the activity page we do not currently have any archery sessions planned - you will be directed to a Contact Us form to enquire about availability. 

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Fancy yourself as a budding Robin Hood,Katniss Everdeen or Princess Meredith from Brave? In our one hour session you will be able to master the basics of Archery and test your nerve and steady hand on our Archery range